But don't you remember? When was the last time you thought of me? or you have completely erased me from your memory?Don't you remember? The reason you love me before? Baby please remember me once more

I've move on.I don't love you anymore.I don't miss you.I don't care about you.You believe this shit? Better don't.I didn't move  on.I still love you.I miss you so much and Of course yes I do care about you a lot.I promised to you that nothing gonna change my love for you right? I'm gonna keep that.I KEEP MY PROMISES.Did you keep your's.Do you? No you don't.I cried every night just because of you YOU.No one else.I bet you already have a replacement or you're gonna find one.Hope your mom will like her.Wish all the best for you and *Insert name* and I'm not gonna find someone like you Hell to the No.
Sorry because I came into your life.You deserve better.Thank you so much for make me feel so guilty because of your result and being one of your regrets.Really appreciate it.
                                                                                                                      Lots Of Love,