Assalammualaikum,Hi Hi.Long time no update this blog.Hihi.There's nothing interesting to tell about and I just edit my blog.Yippi.Do you guys like it?
if don't sokey :> Idc at all >.> its my blog not yours
Oh yeah, next week is my final Exam k sooo cuak . InsyahAllah if I get all straight A's I will ask my parents primision to see him.Hikhik,Oh Yeah,Last Saturday My mommy bought me a sketch book for my art '#FactsAboutMe I draw to express my feelings' I drew a lot of patterns,Vintaged and lot more.Not that pretty I don't like it at all.I'm trying to improve my skills T.T . Ok dah boring? WaitWait Kita lekluuu
Yah,I want to share something ada seorang budak standard 6 ohmygosh Mulut dia bukan main ABCD
so so so tak molek.I try to see her but she always ran away from me -,-' I don't bite people lah baby
and Hmm.Some of my BestFriends always tikam belakang k pedih sesangat I don't like it.If you hate me so much then tell me its not that hard seriously.I don't like to friends with 2 face okay.
Its kinda hurt when all of our best friends knows something/secrets except me taktahu pape.Fine.don't believe me you will never gonna enter my life again and never gonna have my trust on you you you and you ! I will pandang you dengan sebelah mata je or dua dua taknak pandang >.> I'll never gonna help you again Buewk ! unless you apolygize to me
I'm not 'Perampas Lelaki' Fuck you off suck my stockin lah ! if you guys dah set in your bubble head that I'm perampas jantan think again slut.I will never going to take your precious crush or boyfriend . I know how it felt when someone we love been taking away by our own bestfriends I know that feeling and I will never do that to my bestfriends sangat pedih and lebih pedih lagi When your OWN BESTFRIENDS think you that.Please,I can find my own Mr.Precious.
OhMy,Sorry about my horrible words just now,I'm too stress and I always keep my problems by myself okay I'm forever alone.Just I don't want to fight with My friends Its hurts really bad and if you read this please don't say a word to me about this post.Just keep it your answer to your self I don't even want to know your answer and once again I'm very sorry about My Harsh words I said people slut tanpa me sedari I'm a slut >.< Okay that's all Thanks for reading :> Muah <3
Assalammualikum Bye