Hi,October I hope you will be nice to me.Let's be friends I don't want to fight with you like I fight with July :> Okay tiada cerita menarik tau
.Just wanna share some story sikit je takmo banyak.Tadi buat open house dkt rumah kita k.
k perut full gila.Asyik makan je ._. and My berat badan baru je naik 3kg sila menangis sekarang.Neway,Thank you so much To My friends for coming to My House today :>
 Love you guys vewy vewy much
and then pergi Alam like always ate some Ice Cream from Famous Amous and Cream and Fudge Factory
Awesome okay.I'm addicted to Ice Cream Me no lie.
5 words 20 letters
GoodBye and Thankyou for reading My post ._.