Moving on

             "I thought you were my prince and I was your princess.Now that we're here all of that is meaningless, I think I was a fool for letting you fill the spaces between my hands and my diary pages.You used to be the one that made me happy you use to tell me you were lucky to have me."
Like it or not.I have to move on.I have too.I need to stop hoping for a second chance from you because I know you will never give one.So why hope? Haih.I'm the girl who always cry myself to sleep every night.Why am I so weak? Why? I want my happiness back.I miss smiling and being hyper without faking it.Moving on isn't easy.I've tried so many times but I failed.I'm a failure. "Believe me if you're in my shoes, you'll know how hard it is to move on" so don't simply say that I'm desperate or what.
I can't keep up with this anymore.I'm tired of faking like everything is okay.Day by day I'm getting weaker and weaker.Its hard to face all of this alone.Every day I have to act like I'm strong.I'm tired of this.How I wish I can turn back the time.
I guess there's still hopes.I'm hoping that Allah will open your heart for me.