Memories and Promises

      "I will never let you fall, I'll stand up with you forever, I'll be there for you through it all. Even if saving you sends me to heaven"
"What are words if you really don't mean  them when you say them? What are words if they're only for good times, then they don't ?"
"Oh I swear to you, I'll be there for you, this is not a drive  by-y-y-y"
"Baby don't worry, you are my only,No need to worry even if the sky is falling down" 
"Nothing gonna change my love for you, you ought to know by now how much I love you , One thing you can be sure of I'll never ask more than your love"
Please remember all your promises.Promises are not meant to be broken.Please understand that.I still remember every single promise that you made.I will never forget them.Remember those songs that you gave to me? Well, until now, those songs mean the world to me.Those songs remind me of you.Do not forget me.Do not forget about us.Our memories, our happy times, our ups and downs, especially my flaws and cuteness.For better or worst.I'll always be with you.Remember I'll always love you no matter what.I can promise you that.Where ever you are where ever you go.I'll be right here waiting for you.